TV Ad Campaign Launched!

Check Out Senator Betsy Close's First TV Ad!

With less than 60 days until the election, we're already heading towards the heat of the campaign season. There will be a lot of TV ads, mail, and campaign events before it's all over, but I am committed to talking about the issues that matter.

As an example, here is our first ad, which features various community members sharing why they support my campaign for the Oregon Senate:

We all know how important jobs are to our community--both for the income they provide to families and also the tax dollars they generate to support education and other services.

I've worked hard to implement new policies to promote job creation, including:

Championing a better connection between highs school classes and technical and vocational training, making the transition from high school to the workforce easier, more accessible, and less expensive. I also was the writer and Chief Sponsor of The Youth Employment Act, creating a public-private partnership between counties and local employers that helps train youth entering the workforce for the first time, between the ages of 14 and 19. Our community once prospered, and I believe we can prosper once again if we put partisanship aside and get to work in the Legislature.

What This Election Comes Down To

Unfortunately, my opponent doesn't seem to agree. She voted to increase taxes on small businesses so that they pay 40% more than large corporations. She also voted to increase taxes on the people of Oregon by over $1 billion.

I believe this shows just how important this election is. Ultimately, the choice you will have to make this fall is between two very different philosophies and legislative records.

I hope to earn your trust and support in this critical election!

Women's Firearms Training Event A Success!

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a women’s safety training event. I learned a lot about self defense options, and was so inspired by the stories of the women who attended.

Thank you to Sharon Preston for leading the training with her Laser Shot Simulated Firearms system. Thanks to Rachel Lucas of Safer Oregon, Lisa Atkins of Second Amendment Sisters, and Sheena Williams of Alpha Girls Academy for sharing your stories and resources with us!

Please visit my Facebook page to view more pictures from the event.

All my best,
— Betsy

Senator Betsy Close offers women's firearms training event

Sen. Betsy Close will host an event for local women to learn about ways of defending themselves that will include a state-of-the-art virtual firearms simulator system.

"I want to be confident that I can protect my family if the situation calls for it and be a teacher and example for my children in firearm safety," said Close. "But you can't teach what you don't know. I believe this event will help empower local women to walk with greater self-reliance and assurance that they can teach their families how to safety handle firearms and defend themselves and the ones they love in a world that is increasingly full of unknowns."

Rachel Lucas, the Executive Director of Safer Oregon, said "Oregon is second in the nation in registered sex offenders and number two for the most sexual violence. Learning to safely use a firearm can give women a sense of safety and empowerment."

The public is invited to attend. Event details are below:

What: Laser Shot Firearms Training
When: September 4th at 7:00 pm
Where: 130 SW Ellsworth St. Albany, OR 97321
Cost: $10 each or 2 for $15

You can RSVP using the form below or call Tayleranne at 541-554-6631.

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