Time To Set The Record Straight

There are only a few days left until Election Day, so I wanted to take some time to share an important message with you. My opponent has been making wild accusations about me lately and I could no longer stay silent.

Most of the spurious attacks have been over my record on women’s issues, which hurts me deeply since this is an issue that I have worked on tirelessly during my time in office. My opponents have proven they are willing to say or do anything to win this election. One group went so far as to say I opposed a fundraiser benefiting breast cancer patients. This is outrageous and completely crosses the line. As a woman who has stood by a sister-in-law struggling through this tragedy, and a niece who died because of it, I strongly support the fight against breast cancer, and am disappointed that my opponent's supporters have stooped to this depth of falsehood and distortion.

Thankfully, respected leaders in our community have come to my defense. Sen. Jackie Winters released the following statement:

I have worked with Betsy in the legislature and you should know that Betsy spearheaded and passed legislation to protect women from abuse by cracking down on human traffickers and purveyors of the sex abuse trade. She sponsored legislation to help moms with child care expenses. She supports education by voting for additional funding for K-12 schools and funding schools first. The misleading statements to voters by her opponent misrepresents Betsy's record and her support of women issues. They are offensive and unbelievably false.

Truth is more important to me than winning. I have never lied about my opponent, and I never will. I don’t believe voters are fooled by it, nor do I think they appreciate the deception. I am confident in my record of championing women’s issues. Thank you for letting me set the record straight.

~ Betsy

P.S. Don't forget to vote! This election is extremely critical and every vote counts. Here are links to ballot drop box locations: Find Linn County Ballot Drop Box locations. Find Benton County Drop Box Locations.

Final Weeks of the Election

It's down to the wire now.

This election will be critical to the future of Oregon, and that fact is becoming more and more obvious. In case you missed it, my opponent has recently received big financial support from a billionaire hedge fund manager in California.

My opponent is already a millionaire, but now she has the support of Tom Steyer, an extreme environmentalist billionaire from San Francisco. What does this mean? It means I need your support more than ever!

We need all the help we can get to cross the finish line strong. If you can help us with some volunteer time, please click here. Or if you can help us financially, please click here to make an online contribution!

Your support is critical to combating the big money my opponent is getting from out of state!

Watch Two New TV Ads!

If you haven't seen some of my latest TV ads, you can check them out by clicking the images below. The first is an endorsement from Former State Senator Frank Morse. The second focuses on public safety issues:

Former Senator Frank Morse Endorses Betsy Close

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